Team members

Mrs. Meera Nair (KSCSTE- SRF)
(KSCSTE SRF), Registered under MG University (Reg No. 359/2014/AII/ 4/Acad dated P.D.Hills, 17.01.2014) Title of work: Analysis of anticancer properties of Cynometra travancorica Bedd. and Cynometra beddomei Prain with special emphasis on breast cancer.
Ashokarishtam, an ayurvedic fermented polyherbal formulation with Saraca asoca (Ashoka) as the main ingredient is used for treating gynaecological disorders. Occasionally, Cynometra travancorica and Cynometra beddomei are used as alternatives for S. asoca in the preparartion. In a preliminary study, Asoca and its alternatives showed anti-estrogenic activity. The study envisages the evaluation of pharmacological properties of two substitute plants. Both the plant extracts exhibited significant chemopreventive as well as therapeutic efficacy in pre clinical studies.

Ms. Silpa Prabha (Amala Resaerch fellow)
Coconut inflorescence sap commonly known as Neera (sweet toddy) is obtained from unopened spadix or inflorescence of Cocos nucifera. Coconut sap is rich in sugars, minerals and other nutrients and has several health beneficial effects. Due to its low glycemic index, Neera is ideal drink for diabetic patients. Raw Neera is highly susceptible to microbial fermentation in ambient temperature. In order to avoid this, the collected sap was immediately transferred to sterile and cold condition. Considering the nutritional value, the collected raw sap is preserved and marketed as a soft drink. Even though, the in-vitro antioxidant property is reported, scanty literature is available regarding its biological properties. As a readily available and highly nutritious drink, this coconut inflorescence sap can be effectively used for curing many human diseases. Hence, the work aims to evaluate the various biological properties of Neera and this study will provide awareness among the people regarding its consumption.

Mr. Pareeth C. M. (ICMR-JRF)
Radiosensitization of resistant tumour cells by drugs is one of the current area of research. The study focuses on the effect of different phytomolecules on sensitizing tumour cells that are resistant to radiation by deregulating cellular redox status and cell cycle kinetics.

Ms. Soumya (CSIR- JRF)
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