1. Studies on the use of essential oil of Turmeric and Ginger in Aflatoxin induced toxicity and hepatocarcinogenesis as well as its mechanism of action. (Spice Board of India)
  2. Determination of antitumour and antimetastatic potential of the Hemi-parasitic sub-herbs in the Family Viscaceae present in Western Ghats. (National Medicinal Plant Board)
  3. Enhancement of the production of promising anticancer agent, baicalein through gamma irradiation in cultures of Scutellaria species seen in Western Ghats of Kerala and its pharmacological validation (BRNS, 2013-2016).
  4. Evaluation of anticancer properties of crystal proteins of Bacillus thuringiensis isolates from the Western Ghats of Kerala – (DBT, 2010-2013).
  5. Evaluation of Saraca asoca, Kaempferia rotunda, their substitutes and medicinal preparations with respect to phytochemical and biological preparations (NMPB, 2008-2010).
  6. Effect of Desmodium gyrans DC. on reverse cholesterol transport: implication in atheroprotection (DST-SERB, 2013-2016).
  7. Effect of Baliospermum montanum in inflammation and oxidative injury. (KSCSTE, 2014 – 2017)
  8. Scheme Identification of dicarboxylic acids from oxidation of peroxidised omega 3 fatty acids and study on its biological efficacy (ICMR Adhoc, 2012-2014).