Centre has almost all the facilities for doing outstanding research with main research laboratories for biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, biotechnology, molecular biology and radiation biology. The instrument rooms of the Centre is equipped with adequate latest equipments including gamma and beta radioactive counter, gel documentation systems, thermal cyclers, medium and high performance liquid chromatography systems, elisa reader, cold lab, high speed refrigerated centrifuges, high precision electronic balances, incubators, deep freezing refrigerators, fluorescent microscopes, lyophilizer, vacuum concentrator, spectrophotometer, ovens and many minor equipments. Animal cell and plant tissue culture, bacterial, virus and fungal culture, radiotracer laboratory and microbiology lab, animal house with three strains of mice two strains of rats and rabbits etc are also assisting a high level of research in the Centre. The Library has most of the books needed for the research activities and students of the Centre and subscribes nearly 75 Indian and 30 foreign journals. With WiFi facility internet accession of the journals is also available