Dr. Achuthan C. Raghavamenon

  • Associate Professor,
  • Department of Biochemistry,
  • Amala Cancer Research Centre,
  • Amala Nagar, Thrissur.
  •    achuthanm@gmail.com
  •     9567988570

Previously Held Positions
1. 2011- onwards Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry Amala Cancer Research Centre,Amala Nagar, Thrissur, Kerala, 680555
2. 2010-2011, Teaching Faculty, Graduate School, Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA.
3. 2009-present Adjunct Faculty, Department of Environmental Toxicology, Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA.
4. 2007-2011 Sr Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of EnvironmentalToxicology, Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA.
5. 2006-2007Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Surgery, The Ohio State University Medical Center, Colombus, OH.
6. 2005-2006 Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Pathology, LSU Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, LA.
7. 1998-2005 Research Associate, Department of Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, Kerala Agricultural University, Kerala, India.

Other Experience and Professional Memberships
Member, American Heart Association (AHA), 2009-present
Member, Europian Society for atherosclerosis (ESA) 2009-Present
Member,AAAS, USA
Member, Internantional Toxicological Society
Life member ,Indian Society for atherosclerosis Research